I am on a mission.

In this busy distracted world we live in, it is easy to lose focus on the big picture and  what is really important to us. Keeping your focus on the people and places you care about can help you see the good in your life.

I want to help people focus on the good in their lives by reconnecting them to their favorite places in nature and how that makes them feel through my art.

My art is inspired by different ecosystems like, mountains, beaches, or forests. The natural world has always been a big inspiration for me but now I know why I want to focus on Ecosystem Art.  We often feel happy and relaxed in nature and when we surround ourselves with art that reminds us of this feeling, we bring that reminder of good into our every day lives.

If you are someone who loves nature, colorful art with a modern design, we might be a perfect fit.

On these webpages, you will find...

  • Art for sale in the Art Shop
  • Eco Memory Commissions where I create art inspired by your favorite places in nature just for you
  • Weekly Studio Notes thoughts about the creative process and studio updates
  • Images of my art  posted on Instagram

Any questions,  feel free to reach out to me through the Contact Me form.