The Every Day Project on Every Day Things

The Every Day Project is available on Every Day Things. Buy original gifts and support artists at the same time. 

Last week I opened a shop at This is a website used by many artists where you can upload images of your artwork and then the company prints the images on all different sorts of every day things. does the printing and shipping for me. Hurray!! I decided to offer 35 different items. Wow, that is a lot. To decide which products to sell from the many more options available, I picked out every day items that I would like to purchase myself. The items range from men's and women's t-shirts, pullovers, pillows, tote bags, phone cases, laptop cases, canvases, art prints, framed art, spiral journals and greeting cards, etc. 

I went through each of my 13 series in 2016 for the Every Day Project and picked my favorite daily square from each series. These 13 images are each available on all 35 items. 

I need your help...

Consider purchasing some of my Every Day Project art on everyday useful items. I see this as a win-win situation. You get credit for buying interesting gifts for your friends and family (or for yourself!) and I get the support I need to keep making art.

And one more thing. Could you please share the love? has thousands of artist's artwork to choose from. It may seem like finding a needle in a haystack. That is where my weekly article readers can help.

Please share this link to my shop with people who you think would like my art and would consider buying it. If you are an email subscriber, you can just forward this email of the weekly article to your friends.  If you are more tech savvy, you can copy the link to my shop and text or email it to your friends. Or if social media is your thing, post on Facebook, direct message to your friends on Instagram. You get the idea. I know I cannot do this all alone.

My favorite daily square from the Surround series on 4 every day things:tote bag, studio pouch, notecards, and a spiral notebook

I have been lucky enough to have people interested in my artwork online through social media, mostly Instagram and Facebook. My idea was to make my daily squares from my Every Day Project accessible on every day things. The Every Day Project on Every Day Things.

This was a bit of a paradigm shift for me. It got me thinking about fine arts versus commercial art. It got me to wrestle with some elitist ideas. How I resolve this issue in my own mind is to offer images of my daily squares on sites like As for my fabric art originals such as my 10 inch squares wrapped around canvas and my 25 Day Series pieces for the Every Day Project, I will sell those through another venue. I've been exploring opening an Etsy shop. 
As I mentioned in my weekly article last week, Time to Re-evaluate your Current Habits, this coming month will allow me time to think about how I want to move forward in 2017. One thing I do know is that I will just look at each step as an experiment. This site is an experiment and I will see how it goes. If I make an Etsy store in January, it is an experiment. I'll see how it goes. 

My favorite daily square from the Moroccan Basket series on t-shirts: redbubble's most popular every day item

I don't have to have everything figured out all at once. It's like stepping stones in your yard. You go from one stepping stone to the next stepping stone. You can't leap all the way to the end nor do I want to.

Thank you for your support. It is much appreciated. 

Here is the link to my shop
As always, email me at with any questions.