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Last week I wrote about Why Do An Annual Review? As part of my review, I wrote a list of some things in the past year that I have actually completed. Now bear with me. This is not to be full of myself. That's not the kind of person I am. This is to show what can be built off of 15 minutes creating a day. Once the daily creating becomes a creative practice, you start looking around for "What is next?” Then after the next creative habit is an established habit, again you ask yourself, “What is next?" I started creating art every day and people were surprised I kept it up. So I decided to write about how I did keep going creating every day. Then I started making so much art I filled up the walls in our house. Hence, my online original art shop addition on my website.

Who knows "What is next?"  Everyone has their own path.

So here is my list...Over the past two years, I have made 600 six-inch daily squares of abstract art made with fabric. I start a new series with a new color and design theme every 25 days. Then, I sew those squares into a larger square. Next year I will be focusing on completing all of my 25 Day pieces in a timely manner.

Over the last year, I have written 47 weekly articles totally over 42,000 words about my creative process and how others can add more of their "creativity of choice" into their daily lives. This has been the most time consuming of my activities.

Over the last month, I have opened a redbubble shop where my daily squares from the Every Day Project are printed on every day things like T-shirts, mugs, throw pillows, phone cases, art prints, and framed art, etc.

Over the past week, I have opened an online store on my website selling my original art.  Both my wrapped canvas fabric art pieces and my 25 Day series pieces will be available for purchase as I finish making them.

Over the past week, I added a Facebook business page and upgraded my Instagram account to a business page. The main reason for upgrading is that as I sell more of my art online, it's more appropriate to be on a business page (Like Facebook could shut down my account if I advertise selling art on a personal page. Yikes!). If you are on Instagram or Facebook, you can find me there. Facebook-Kathleen Warren Studio  and Instagram-@blueskyquilter

Over the past week, I upgraded my website by adding images of daily squares on a navigation page. Just click on the image to be directed to that page. I have a menu but this just was a more fun and colorful way to move around my website.

All this didn't happen in one day. It was step by step, day by day. Each step builds on the next step. If two years ago, somebody would've told me I would have a website and selling my art online, I would not have believed them. But it all started with 15 minutes a day of creating art.
I know everyone's experience is different. Other people may not want to sell their art. They just want some relaxing time in their day creating what they want to. There are many different reasons why we might want to add creative time into our day.

Self-expression reminds us of who we really are. Creative practice will lead each person in a different direction of their own making. The point is... you just have to start. And day by day you will figure out what is next for you.

As I wrote about in the article last week about Why Do An Annual Review?, when you look back, you can get a lot done in a year even if you feel like you didn't get what you wanted to get done today.

Click the photo to go directly to my redbubble shop

Click the photo to go directly to my redbubble shop

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