One Year Anniversary of Studio Notes

My Studio Notes blog started on January 19, 2016 with my first post titled Very Relaxed. In many ways, it seems like it was not so long ago. I truly had no idea what I was asking of myself to write an article every week. It was oftentimes very hard and time consuming. Writing is not something that comes naturally to me. I am rather a reserved person and sharing some of my deepest thoughts can still be challenging. But seeing that people continue to read them and find something helpful in them is a constant motivator to keep it up. 

When I read some of my old posts, I feel like the message is still the same. Start a creative practice and begin a journey of self-knowledge, growth and ultimately self-care. 

Even if you did not show one other single person what you created, you would still find so many benefits to yourself from creating the art that comes from within you. Of course, I would not recommend keeping your art to yourself because sharing your art through social media or with other like minded people is one of the greatest joys in being a creator.

I added two new designs to my redbubble shop from the  Birch Forest  series. Click the photo for details.

I added two new designs to my redbubble shop from the Birch Forest series. Click the photo for details.

Creative connections help you gather that inspiration to keep making art that is interesting to you. As artists, we need input to keep things fresh. We will continue to create if it is interesting to us. So our job is to continually make it interesting to actually be wanting to create more. 

One way I keep things interesting is by writing about creative processes in this Studio Notes Blog. I can work out ideas in my head better if I write them out. Somehow I process the idea better and find it easier to take action when things are written out. Maybe it is a visual person's thing. So my written words feed my visual art and my visual art feeds my writing. If the writing did not serve my Every Day Project I would stop immediately. 

The weekly schedule of writing articles keeps me on the inspiration hunt looking for interesting ideas from the newsletters I follow, productivity books and the artists I find on Instagram. It keeps me on the move, mentally at least. Usually reading something or seeing something sparks an idea and I run with it in Studio Notes. 

So have I helped people make more art in the past year? I have received feedback from people that say I have. Hearing this from my readers is all I need to know to continue writing weekly Studio Notes for 2017. 

I do not get political in my blog, but I do feel everyone could use some tips to find a form of self-expression that feels good to them so then they can be good to others.

Happy people make a happy world.