New Year New Theme

This new year of 2018 has brought some changes to my art practice. I am trading in the daily squares from the Every Day Project for weekly EcoMemory larger pieces. This shift in my thinking started last fall when I decided most of my Every Day Project series are based on nature like the Forest and Clouds series. I realized when I thought about how I felt in nature and the emotions from those places in nature and then translated that into my art, the effect was a lot more powerful. This is the beauty of Instagram when you get instant feedback on your artwork. This idea of the emotional power behind the art coupled with my desire to make my art personal for clients and really serve my clients would lead me to a new idea, EcoMemory commissions

What is an EcoMemory?

It is exactly what it sounds like. A special memory of time spent in nature.
My mission is to help people reconnect to how they feel in nature.
I am an abstract landscape artist who uses fabric pieces sewn together to evoke the feeling of that special place in nature.

First, I have a conversation with my clients about why that place in nature is special to them. This conversation gives me clues about the color palette and design for the EcoMemory artwork. I gather all my research into an EcoMemory Report to let the client know my vision for their artwork.

Lastly, I deliver your Custom EcoMemory that lets you relive how you felt in that special place every time you see your EcoMemory.

Here is an example of an EcoMemory I made for myself.  I feel calm and relaxed around water.  I have enjoyed all the time I have spent on lakes my whole life. So my first idea for my EcoMemory was of the view from the dock at our family cabin on lovely Lake Vermillion in Minnesota. The view has not changed since 1978 when we started going there because there are no roads to the other shoreline. Great way to limit development.

Photo of Actual view from our dock.jpg

Photo taken from the dock at our cabin in Minnesota

View form our Dock.jpg

 View from our Dock,

January 2018.

My EcoMemory created from the photo above.

I have been doing prototypes of EcoMemory pieces for clients over the past month to see if the idea in my head was as good in real life. I think it has been even better. When the client shares with me their special place, it reminds them of things they value in their lives, like family, the beauty of nature, a sense of calm, etc.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned from this year is that Art is ALL about Emotion. Otherwise, it is just decoration. I want my Art to pack an emotional punch.

So I have a new theme for this year. I’m focusing on creating EcoMemory commissions for private clients this year.

And because I need to create on a regular basis for my peace of mind, every week I’m going to pick an ecosystem or favorite memory from nature and make an EcoMemory piece every week. I will keep posting on Instagram but include more process photos and works in progress as well as the completed weekly EcoMemory.

Over the coming weeks,  I will share some of the EcoMemory artwork I’ve made for my private clients so far.

If an EcoMemory commission sounds like something you’re interested in, reach out and we can talk. Do you have a friend or family member who would appreciate an EcoMemory artwork of their own? Feel free to send them the link to my