My Version of the Haystacks Series

Our oak tree in the backyard prairie soon after we planted it. 

I have been thinking about starting a new weekly series later this spring in May or June. April is dedicated to three upcoming EcoMemory commissions. However, I do miss the regular routine of working on a series. So I am daydreaming about what to do. We have this one oak tree in our backyard which I’m fascinated with because we planted it a few years ago smack dab in the middle of the prairie in our backyard. From our house we look east and see the sunrise over the prairie. Every day is different. Every season is different.  My idea is to create a weekly series of pieces similar to Monet’s Haystacks series where the subject matter is the same but the lighting and seasons change. The focal point is my favorite oak tree surrounded by the prairie grasses and flowers with the trees surrounding the prairie further away.

But to add a new twist, I would like to do different representations of the trees and prairie grasses as well as different lighting and seasons. So I’d have two variables. I would depict the trees and grasses in different ways for each piece in the series and also pick different lighting/seasons for each one.  Creating this series will help me practice different ways to create outdoor landscapes which will help with my custom EcoMemories.

Four of Monet's Haystacks at the Art Institute of Chicago from when I visited last Fall.

We are lucky enough to have several of Monet’s Haystacks here at the Art Institute of Chicago. I’ve seen them so many times in the past, but always wished I had more time to just sit on the bench right in front of them. I remember the book I read about the Impressionists last year and write about it. You can read it HERE. Apparently Monet was a whiny guy and certainly felt entitled in many ways. Sometimes you just don’t want to know what the artists were like in real life. However, every time I see Monet’s art, I focus on the beauty, the sense of light, the feeling of being outdoors in that same location. I will keep you all updated on my series progress. 

A BIG thank you to all the readers who asked great questions last week. I found all the questions really thought-provoking and I am making sure I dedicate enough time to respond to the subjects that they asked questions about. The questions focused on the creative process, looking for inspiration, working in a series and using technology to help support your creativity.