Lakes and Forests Updates

I wrote this article last year and all the sentiments are still the same. Being out amongst the trees, prairie, forest and sky are where my mind clears and my heart rate settles down. I am trying to enjoy all the times I get to be outside, even the short periods during a busy day. 

Working with clients creating art to reflect their favorite place in nature over the past year has made me realize that I am not alone.

Here is the original article below.  

After spending a week on a small lake in the Northwoods, I realize that most of my inspiration for both color and design in my art comes from the natural world I see around me. I feel like a landscape artist even if my art may seem abstract to some. This vacation brought me new insights into the importance for me to be immersed in nature on a regular basis. I do some of my best thinking in nature.

Trees reflected in a lake like a mirror

Trees reflected in a lake like a mirror

For example, the further north we got, the forest changed color with the addition of the deep greens of red and white pines. The forest also got more dense so it looks like a head of broccoli with minimal space in between the crowns of the trees. On the drive up north, I designed my next series called Forest with all different types of greens comprised of different squares and rectangles with at least one blue shape to signify the sky. I am already looking forward to making this series. I haven't worked with greens for a while and greens are some of my favorite colors. It seems appropriate in summer to focus on greens.

One morning I got up early to spend some quiet time in a kayak on the lake. The water was like a mirror. I kept thinking the lake should've been called Mirror Lake. As I looked around me, I saw the trees on the shore and their perfect reflection on the water. It almost looked like one of those kaleidoscopes where you have the doubles of the images spinning around. I just stared at the reflection amazed at its clarity and accuracy. Later on during the day, I looked to see the reflection but there were enough waves so the water surface never got that still again. My series after Forestwill be called Reflections. Again it will be based on nature colors of the forest, greens, but will include other colors to reflect the sunsets and the flowers in the water. We were fortunate enough to be there when the water lilies were in bloom.

So all in all, I was inspired to develop two themes for future series from this week vacation. 

Next week our family is going even further north on vacation into the woods staying in a cabin on a lake. There is a theme developing here. I hope to come up with more series designs there as well. Spending time on lakes surrounded by woods has really clarified for me that some of my most important inspirations for my past series are rooted in nature and landscape.

I think people have certain natural habitats that resonate with them. I grew up in a house surrounded by big trees. I spent part of the summers almost every year of my life on a lake boating and swimming. I guess it should be no surprise how much I love being on a lake in the woods. But I was taken aback about how comforting it was to spend time in a canoe or kayak just hanging out on a lake.

Sometimes the older you get you realize what things are important to you. Then you can make sure you make time for those things in your life.