British Landscapes

Pink sunset in the Cotswolds, 2018.

Abstract landscapes always inspire me. I selected two of my favorites from the British country side in the Cotswolds area northwest of London.

Both of these images were taken on my iPhone and I did not use any filters. This is what I saw. The top image makes me like pink. Normally, it is not a favorite color of mine. However, this electric pink moving towards a lavender as your eye moves up the image is spectacular. Now, how can I find a fabric that color? I guess I have a challenge set out for me. Since we were out at dusk, the grass is a very dark evergreen. The contrast between the bright pink/lavender and the dark evergreen and the trees in silhouette gives me a lot to work with for both color and design inspiration.

The next image fascinated me because of the different shapes of the trees. First, the trees behind me are in shadow on the grass in the foreground with the branches flinging out in such organic shapes. Contrast that with the very tidy little tree shapes along the horizon line with their mounded shape. I guess it is all about the scale. Up close the tree branches are going all different directions. But from afar they look all tidy like gum drops on the hill.

This exercise is how I keep my “design mind” happy. I look at an image and design it out of fabric in my imagination. Some pieces I will actually create with fabric. Some I am just playing with. Both of these images are intriguing enough, they may appear in fabric form soon.

Next time, I will continue the Museum Meandering Part 2.

Trees and shadows in the Cotswolds, 2018.

Trees and shadows in the Cotswolds, 2018.