Art Demo Next Sunday and a New Creative Space

Corner Inserts, 10 “ square, Kona cotton, March 2019

The Chicagoland area is so lucky! We have a new creative space opening at the Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods Forest Preserve in Lake County Illinois. The new creative space is called BASE. This is from their website,  

"Starting in March, 2019, Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods will be opening a new materials exchange and creative reuse center called “BASE” – the Brushwood Art Supply Exchange. BASE will be a source of low-cost art materials with special discounts for educators and community partners. From professionals and educators to students, families and the simply craft-curious, we serve all levels of artists. BASE will also serve as a library of tools and resources, and an open workspace for artists of all disciplines and abilities to gather and create.”

The Brushwood Center staff decided they could help people be more creative and keep art supplies out of our landfills. Helping people and the environment. We can clear out our old supplies we no longer are using, (guilt free!) and purchase low cost items we want to use. And, even better, we can use this creative space to play and create art.

If you live around Chicago, click HERE to find out what art supplies they accept as donations.

The BASE Grand Opening is Sunday, March 10, 2019 from 1-3pm and I will be there!

Come see my Art Demo using BASE’s 1970's Singer sewing machine demonstrating how to make a Contour pillow cover, an easy-to-sew pillow cover project I designed with a graphic modern design.

My inspiration for this project is something I found at BASE, bias tape. Bias tape is magical stuff. Curves are a challenge to sew sometimes but not with bias tape. Stop by to learn some design secrets and versatile uses for bias tape. 

Why is BASE so exciting to me?

One of my dreams is to play with acrylics and watercolors and try different media. I don’t have the space or inclination to get all the supplies for this. Now, I can go to BASE on a Saturday morning or Tuesday evening to play on a regular basis. A lovely space and a set time to create, even better than a spa day.

There are many people who will benefit from this type of creative space. Curious creatives who want to try new things, like me and people who know they want to add more creativity into their life. Creative pursuits help balance out the stress of every day life. But sometimes it is hard to know where to start. BASE is the kind of place to start. It can give you the freedom to play with no fear of failure.  

To get people engaged, BASE will have monthly challenges and opportunities to share on Instagram. 

You can meet friends for a night out to create, have office retreats as a way to do an activity together. The possibilities are endless.

If any of my local readers want to meet me at BASE to create together, send me an email. Let’s do it!!

I will share photos of the Opening Day of BASE in my next article.

Here is the address. Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods • 21850 N. Riverwoods Rd. • Riverwoods, IL 60015 • 224.633.2424 •

Pieces, 10 “ square, Kona cotton, February 2019

In the Studio this week, I created a piece entitled Corner Inserts. I woke up one morning thinking about this design. I started with a square cut diagonally then added an insert fabric. Step two, I added two strips to the square like a half log cabin design and cut diagonally then added another insert fabric. Then repeated. This process was fun enough that I want to try it again. 

Last week, I created Pieces. Loads of color. Loads of different shapes. Improv sewing at its most fun.