Every Day Project Goes Rectangle

This week I’m highlighting two additional Every Day Project series that are available for purchase in my online shop. It’s true as the title suggests. They are in a rectangle shape.  Here is the link...

My Shop

Fractured Blue Sky No. 1

 I mentioned last week that I have thought about using a non-square stretched canvas frame for my art. Well, here are the series I chose to display on a rectangle, to be precise a 16“ x 20“ rectangle. When I was deciding which series to use for this new rectangle form, I went back to one of my favorite series from 2015, Fractured Blue Sky. I wrote about it in this article . This was one of my most simple designs with the strong contrast between the white and the blue or green with the diagonal dark brown insert. This design takes on special meaning since yesterday we received an emergency phone call from our son’s college about a tornado warning and lockdown at his college. We were able to talk to him and he got to a safe space. All was well. Now I can add this to my list of worries about your children being away at college. Who knew that there were tornados in that part of the upper Midwest? When I originally made the series I wasn’t really thinking about actual storms per se but it was more about the sense of calm with the horizontal lines being disrupted and offset more like a metaphorical storm in your life.

 The second series I am putting in my shop for this week is the Four Corners series. This piece is based on one of my artist heroes, Helen Frankenthaler who I wrote about in this article. I saw one of her pieces with a white canvas with just different colored lines drawn across the corner very close to the edge. I wrote about it in this article. It inspired me to think about different colored corners. This piece has a rather simple design but the color choices really make it almost vibrate. I knew I needed a bigger canvas to highlight the intersection of the corners for each of my daily squares. I thought the horizontal nature of this rectangle frame might be an interesting contrast to the actual square construction. Now when I see the two pieces together I think of blue boulders all in a row. Not sure why, but it is a chameleon kind of design and you see different things each time you look at it.  

Four Corners No. 1

These two series are for sale in my shop. Again, here is the link:

My Shop

I’m adding three different sizes of my art in my shop available for sale for the holiday season. This way people can find the size that is right for their home and their budget. 

As I mentioned last week, small businesses thrive on referrals. If you know of one or two people who would like learning more about my art, please forward this Studio Notes article to them. Or even better send me an email and we can chat.